According to the Huffington Post, Americans are keeping their cars for a longer period of time, probably because of the economy and the fact that automobiles are being built better and stronger.  This could result in a lower trade-in value when he does trade in his current car.  This trend might end in owners holding on to their vehicle until its Blue Book price has improved.  That’s when you, Mr. Car Owner, might need a buyer for your less than perfect car.

Selling cars that are inoperable, damaged, wrecked, or just plain old can be a difficult task.  Trading in a junk car will probably result in a low trade-in amount.  Selling a car that is used is not an easy task.  Junk cars have several characteristics that make them a worry to their owners and the communities in which they are parked:

** Old cars that don’t run create an eyesore in the neighborhoods in which they are found.

** Children or pets could suffer injuries if they are unattended.

** Deteriorating vehicles can rust and break apart and chemicals and other toxic substances may drip into the ground.

** Many cities have ordinances that prohibit inoperable cars from being parked in front of or on the side of a house.  Owners are ticketed and a fine can be levied.

** Those car owners who are not schooled in understanding car parts and the mechanical operation of a car, will find it difficult to assess how much their junk car is worth.

** Older cars, if still operable, will require more repair, have bad gas mileage, could produce dangerous emissions and are not dependable. More and more people are jumping on the recycling bandwagon and want to shrink their carbon footprint as much as possible.  Junk cars can have their parts recycled, can often be repaired, or can be sold for scrap metal.

Thanks to the junk car industry, there is an easy way to get that clunker sold and recycled. Call Cash for Junk Cars, Philadelphia for an educated quote.   You will be doing something good for the environment while making cash for yourself.  It’s a win-win situation.

Help is on the way.  Make an appointment and have one of their staff come to your location and leave with your car in tow and with cash in your pocket.

Cash for Junk Cars, Philadelphia…your go-to junk car experts!

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