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Cash for Junk Cars, Philadelphia is in the business of giving you, the customer, the best service, the best deal, and the best experience you can have when you are looking for help in selling your used, damaged, or junk car. There are several ways you can go if you have an inoperable car, so Cash for Junk Cars, Philadelphia would like to assist you in getting what you want for you vehicle and getting it quickly.

Here is how the business works:

You call the team at Cash for Junk Cars, Philadelphia and tell them about the vehicle you would like to sell. This vehicle can be a car, truck, or van. In fact, they will pick up whatever vehicle you want removed. No matter the condition, make, model, or age, they will gladly pick it up. When they do they will also have a check for you in the amount of the agreed upon selling price.
While you are on the phone with them, they will ask you to describe the car you have by answering a list of pertinent questions, and they will give you a price based on the condition, model, make, and year of your vehicle. The information that you give CJCP will determine the buying price they offer you, so look for parts that are still working. Open the hood and take the best inventory that you can. Be able to describe the good, the bad, and the ugly to the person who receives your call. Doing this will make it easier for you to have an informed conversation with the buyer.
If you accept the offer, the representative of the company (the driver) will come to your location and pick up your car in a professional and thorough manner, and will give you the cash amount that you had previously agreed upon. And remember the towing of your unwanted vehicle is free. The team member will also make certain that you lawn, in fact all your property, is exactly the way he found it when he arrived. No tire tracks, no tire marks in the grass. CJCP is proud of its customer service.
Many car owners are shocked that there is actually some value in that old heap of metal they have been walking around for so many years. Especially in large cities, the number of trashed cars that are sitting in vacant lots, rusting in yards, and clogging right-of-ways is substantial. When these cars are relocated, order and attractiveness can be restored.
There are so many benefits to getting CJCP to buy your junk car. For example, you get money fast on a car that doesn’t run, or is damaged, or that you have been wanting off your property for a long, long time. You get the car towed away that very day at no charge. The car will be used for parts or will be repaired, instead of collecting dust in your yard. The environment will be cleaner and materials will be reused instead of adding to the tremendous amount of waste that is thrown in landfills and garbage dumps. The individual parts of the car may be used to fix another car that all presumed was unfixable. Perhaps, some young person will get the car and completely overhaul it.
Dealing with an experienced buyer of junk cars is the way to go. They have evaluated many vehicles and are fully aware of what a fair price would be for your car. Whether they decide to sell the vehicle for scrap, restore it, or use it for parts, the process of deciding which choice is best is taken care of by them. It is always a good idea, however, to be somewhat educated on the ins and outs of selling a damaged car so that you can make informed choices and so that you will understand what the team members of CJCP are talking about. Take time to do a little research so that when the offer is made, you and CJCP are on the same page. A good rule of thumb when making a sale of this kind is to be flexible and think outside the box. The formula that CJCP uses to establish its quote is accurate and fair, but may not be exactly what you thought it might be. Being uninformed can mean that you don’t get the super deal you came for. Being open to a new idea like selling your car to a dealer who buys damaged cars includes looking at car buying and selling in a different way than you may be used to.
You may be required to have your title with you when you sell the automobile, so be sure to have it handy. When the deal is sealed, you have to be ready to hand the papers to the new owner of your junk car. So, do not forget the paperwork in the process of junk car removal.

That’s it. Simple, isn’t it? Hard to believe, isn’t it? Maybe it is hard to believe but this is exactly what will happen when you call the guys at CJC, Philadelphia. Just one call will do it all. Knowing that you have made decision to get this “old car problem” solved will make you feel a little lighter on your feet and put a spring in your step. It is such fun to mark another thing off your “to do” list.
So, just when you thought that you could not stand one more minute of seeing that old eyesore every time you drove up your driveway, you have found a solution that is totally win-win.

You get:

  • Free towing
  • Free quote
  • Instant cash
  • Excellent customer service
  • Trustworthy transactions

CJCP gets:

  • The opportunity to be of service to you
  • A satisfied customer
  • Positive word-of-mouth
  • The chance to continue building their
  • Excellent reputation

Sounds pretty good, right? Well, it really is good, and you can get going on your sale right now. Call Cash for Junk Cars, Philadelphia and ask for your quote today.


“My college friend recommend this company and I have no regrets calling them. They have the best service, easy and fast process. Great job!”


“My college friend recommend this company and I have no regrets calling them. They have the best service, easy and fast process. Great job!”